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The golden age of American muscle cars started in 1957 when GMC designed the very first corvette. No American automobile had been designed in this fashion.

The car pictured here, is a 1961 model. The owner of the car is one of the fathers of Wynwood’s art renaissance Mr. David Lombardi. For those who are familiar with that part of Miami, it’s basically an outdoor gallery with art on nearly every building. If 2nd ave was renamed Tony Goldman Way, then 29th street will surely be called David Lombardi Way. In fact, a petition should be started so he is honored in life and not in death like Mr. Goldman. What’s the use when you’re already gone?

I digress. ( I hate saying “I digress”, pretentious schmitt). What makes this Corvette so special is that the 1962 model year was the last Corvette with a solid-rear-axle suspension that was used from the beginning and the last year with a trunk until 1998 and last year with exposed head lights until 2005. It was also the first year to sport the now iconic four tail lights.


I went with separates here. I wanted to evoke a more casual look and invoke a late 50’s vibe to go along with the 50’s historic deco house and the car. Very MadMen, I know…


Outfit details below.


Shirt: Sproos | Great fit for RTW, best value for those of you on a budget.

2pc Separates: Suit Supply | Great fit for RTW.

Shoes: To Boot New York | Bang for Buck. 

Gloves: Dents | A #1

Eyewear: DiRocco | Carbon fiber eyewear, need I say more?

Helmet: Biltwell | The helmet comes black, I did the art myself.

Lando Griffin