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This shoot was particularly fun because it was my first time ever working with @GabeMedia_.

The 1978 cb750 we shot performed beautifully without a single hiccup. That’s important. You don’t see what happens between pictures but more often than not, as is widely known with vintage carbureted bikes, kicking and pushing come with the territory. This was not the case.

Enough about the bike. From the moment we rolled out, Gabriel and I clicked. Whenever I shoot with a new guest photographer one of two things normally happens. They are either so nervous they contribute very little, or they are out to prove their talent and become overbearing. The latter is terribly annoying. 

Gabriel did neither. He listened and flowed. He focused on making great work. His attitude could almost be compared to that of a show having a guest director for an episode. The good director knows he’s stepping into an existing world and that his mission is to make the best possible episode within that world; not try to change it and make it his own.

Since that day I have shot more with Gabriel than anyone else. I feel like I found my Robin Quivers, except she’s a bearded, ginger man..


This 3pc is by the boys over at Brothers and Brawlers. Fit is on point, I like the darker waistcoat. It's their trademark.  


Outfit details below.


Shirt: Sproos | Great fit for RTW, best value for those of you on a budget.

3pc Suit: Brothers and Brawlers | Spot on.

Shoes: Jeffery West | Bang for Buck. 

Gloves: Dents | A #1

Eyewear: DiRocco | Carbon fiber eyewear, need I say more?

Helmet: Biltwell | The helmet comes black, I did the art myself.

Lando Griffin