Nonsense and Things


Dirty builds speak of passion. They normally have a deeper meaning. Lady D is that kind of bike. Built by two brothers in honor of their mother.


She started off as a stock cb750k. Now, she has a modified frame with an upswept tail loop. Her tank has been stripped of paint giving her a raw aesthetic. Her oil tank has been replaced with a tilted version by Dime City Cycles.


“Our mother is alive and well, but we wanted to build this bike together and name it after her. It’s not much but it is something we’ve created and built with our hands. We are not trained mechanics but we’ve been tinkering with bikes and cars since we were 9”

Well said. I’ve always thought it silly to wait to honor those you wish to honor.

Overall thoughts:

Rides well. The engine doesn’t feel overwhelmingly powerful. At least not enough to deal with the headaches of owning a 750 over a 500/550. Still, Lady D is a special bike.


Post Disclaimer: I’m not a billboard, nor do I get paid for reviewing these brands. I wear what I wear. I mention them only to anticipate the questions of where everything is from. I’ll let you know if that ever changes and I become like Roger Federer.


Shirt: Sproos | Great fit for RTW, best value for those of you on a budget.

Boots: The Frye Company | Good leather. Good build.

Double Breasted: Bespoke from Rome| Thin lapels. Fit is on point but I regret going that thin.

Gloves: Florence street vendor | Vero Cuoro

Eyewear: DiRocco | Carbon Fiber Eyewear. Need I say more?

Lando Griffin