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A bike any bike lover would be lucky to see in person, much less ride her.

A Ducati Legend

Desmo is short for desmotronic. A technology that has become a synonym to Italian house Ducati. It all started with this bike. The first production single cylinder desmotronic Ducati ever made, Diana was her name.

Origin Story

In 1961, Ducati debuted a 250 model at the Milan Fair called Diana. The Diana Mark 3 Super Sport was the American counterpart to the European Diana Mach 1. It was the fastest 250 street bike in the world. That single cylinder desmotronic bike changed Ducati forever.

Overall thoughts:

A golden goose for any collector.


Post Disclaimer: I’m not a billboard, nor do I get paid for reviewing these brands. I wear what I wear. I mention them only to anticipate the questions of where everything is from. I’ll let you know if that ever changes and I become like Roger Federer.


Shirt: Cielo | RTW. Great fit. Great value.

Boots: The Frye Company | Suitable for riding. Built tough.

Waistcoat/Trousers: Alexander Nash | Super 120’s Dormeuil.

Gloves: Purchased on the streets of Florence | Vero Cuoro

Helmet: Biltwell | Full face. Bubble shield.

Lando Griffin