Nonsense and Things


What’s in a name? Nothing much really. Mine was taken off a fat man in his 40’s who pretended to be a teenager so he could make his daughter one of the cool kids in school. In real life, that would’ve probably landed him in jail. When it comes to this motorbike, and a name like ‘THE BRAWLER”, she doesn’t disappoint.

Humble Beginnings

I first saw this bike a couple years ago on Instagram. It started out as a standard red Ducati Sport Classic GT. I used to follow the owner (back then creative director of Alexander Nash) and he drove it across the country in a very public fashion on Instagram. Nothing quite grandiose or distinctive about it. Perhaps that’s why he decided to transform it completely.

Strips & Changes

The first thing that pops is the rare brat seat. The original seat pan was preserved while the cushion was reshaped and reupholstered in brown quilted weather proof leather. I’ve never seen a Sport Classic with a brat seat before, and now I wonder, why? It’s quite refreshing. The grips are wrapped in matching leather.

The tank was swapped for a custom off white metallic paint job from a SC 1000. The ducati logo was stripped away and in its place is a symbol made out of gold leaf, literally, whose meaning I couldn’t get a straight answer for. Far be it from me to begrudge secrecy. Looks killer anyway.

The front end has been stripped off a guard, reflectors, stock headlamp mount and turn signals. In its place is a smaller headlamps with minuscule LED turn signals.

The headers are also heat-wrapped.

Overall thoughts:

The most tasteful balance of old meets new that I’ve encountered.

Lando Griffin