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I’m not one for cussing, unless it is absolutely merited. Mostly because of how to use language than anything else, I presume. You wouldn’t say “I love you” to everything or everyone so why be out and about saying you’d fuck everything/everyone. In any case, here is SMF, as named by her owner.

SoFla build.

The GS550 is a very underrated bike. Built to compete with Honda’s CB550, the GS550 is a faster more powerful bike. Parts not may be as readily available as they are for the Honda’s but after zipping around town in the SMF I found myself wondering why we don’t see more of these being redone.

Overall thoughts:

If you want to build a good ride that won’t set you back as much, a bike like the SMF is the way to go.


Post Disclaimer: I’m not a billboard, nor do I get paid for reviewing these brands. I wear what I wear. I mention them only to anticipate the questions of where everything is from. I’ll let you know if that ever changes and I become like Roger Federer.

Not much to say about Mr. Tom Ford. He sticks with what works, and what works, works well. This is one of two RTW (ready-to-wear) suits I own, and I’m quite fond of it.


Shirt: Sproos | Great fit for RTW, best value for those of you on a budget.

Boots: The Frye Company | Good leather. Good build.

Suit: Tom Ford | Black wool.

Lando Griffin