Miami's BEST

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Miami's Best

So many of you have been asking me to write about something other than bikes on my blog. Figuring out how to bring value to you from wherever you may be, I figured I would compile a list of my favorite spots in Miami. This is an overall list. I'm making no separation between little holes in the wall and major boujee restaurants. Food and taste are at the core, all other factors are bonuses. Disclaimer: Non of this is sponsored. I have not received money or free food from any of these places in exchange for anything. 


1. Le Chick | On my recent trip to Amsterdam I had this ridiculously good chicken at a place called "Le Rotisserie". To my amazement, they have one location in Wynwood in Miami except it's called "Le Chick" pronounced (Le cheeq). The reason it is at the top of the list is because EVERY single thing on their menu is tasty. There's no fillers. With a main menu that strong, it would be ok if their dessert menu and their drink menu were afterthoughts. They aren't. Every dessert is 100% worth it. And their bar is run by reknown bartender (mixologist for those who prefer the term) Yeye. In addition to that, the decor and vibe is the best I've seen in Wynwood (possibly Miami). For all these reasons they top my list. Extra points because they also have a La Marzocco machine for their coffee bar.  

  • Favorite Dish: The Fried Chicken
  • Favorite Drink: The Old English
  • Favorite Dessert: The Goodie Jar

WHO TO TAKE: A date, or those friends you want to impress with your knowledge of cool spots in Miami. 

2. Pub Belly | Pub Belly is kind of like a classic Miami staple. Their growth speaks for itself. Great service, FAST turnout on the plates, and a unique take on cuisine sets me off in an adventure every time. A fusion between Japanese and some kind of Caribbean yields one of a kind flavors. There menu is pretty lengthy so it can be hard to decide on what to go with. I've narrowed it down to the same 7-10 plates and just mix and match. If you go in the later hours, they let you order from the Pub Belly Ramen bar next door (Fish buns). 

  • Favorite Dish: Crab Roll 
  • Favorite Drink: Sake Old Fashioned
  • Favorite Dessert: The Mason Jar

WHO TO TAKE: Those business contacts from out of town you want to impress. 

3. Kraken Crudo | This almost feels like a little hole in the wall. It's a very fresh and new take on sushi. They have sushi rolled in arugula and quinoa. For the purists it will feel like blasphemy but it would be a disservice to your tongue. 

WHO TO TAKE: No one. Keep this between your and your stomach. This place is already small as it is. I want to continue to be able to eat here without waiting too long. 

3. KYU | The first of its kind to pop up on the "local" side of the Magic City (Miami). The name KYU comes from Asian Barbecue. The plates are thought out, and very sophisticated. They've won enough awards and praise from opening night. All that speaks for itself.  

  • Favorite Dish: Brisket

WHO TO TAKE: A date. 

5. Wynwood Yard: The Brazilian Truck | Picanha is something that isn't sold just anywhere. The elusive Brazilian cut is my absolute favorite in terms of taste and texture. The guys at this food truck make it like no one else. Their menu is very limited. I recommend getting the Double Picanha. It comes with great sides. 

There you have it. That's my take on the top 5 in Miami for me. I'm sure most of you are going to have your take. As it should be. Food and taste are subjective. Make your own list. 



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