TSR: Issue #1 Hand-painted Multiple

TSR: Issue #1 Hand-painted Multiple


40x26 inches. Screen print on white Speckletone paper. Signed and numbered by LXNDO. Griffin. Numbered edition of 30. Limit 1 per person/household. 

After selling out during my first solo show this past December in Miami Art Week, I realized how special my fine art piece "Issue #1" is to me. I decided to make it into a screen print with a Hand Painted Multiple variant so a few others can enjoy it as well. 

With the current political climate, I am all too certain that we are capable of repeating history many times over and the only thing that changes are the faces of the players. Issue #1 was the first expression of this thought.

*International customers are responsible for import duties and taxes.  Contact your local UPS office for payment prior to delivery.

* Due to the artistic nature of these, please allow 2-3 weeks for shipping as they are embellished.

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